Facts and FAQs About Viking Jewelry that You Should Know

• May 21, 2022

There is an increasing demand for Viking jewelry for men.
This has caused a sudden interest in unraveling facts about Viking jewelry.
We’ve assembled a list of important facts and frequently asked questions that can help you understand this type of jewelry better.

About the Viking Community

The Viking jewelry originated from the Viking community, which is modern-day, Sweden, Norway, and Denmark.

The Vikings were great builders and architects.

Some members of this community also worked in the agriculture sector.

During their reign, the Vikings raided Ireland and England.

Archaeologists have been able to find traces that reveal evidence of the jewelry, religion, and culture of the Vikings.

They believed in pagan gods.

Even though jewelry was not part of the initial Viking culture, it developed after it was witnessed in other cultures.

Both Viking men and women were allowed to wear jewelry.

This is why it is possible to find Viking jewelry for men even in modern times.

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Types of Viking Jewelry

What most people don’t know is that there are various types of Viking jewelry for men and women.
We will review a few of the top ones to familiarize your with them.


Various types of metals like iron and fiber were used to design necklaces in the Viking community.
Some used special stones, resins, beads, and charms as decorators of necklaces.

It was also a common occurrence for religious symbols to be curved on Viking pendants and necklaces.
Neck rings were worn by both men and women.



The earrings worn by the Vikings were adapted from the Savic culture. Unlike most cultures at the time, the Vikings wore their earrings on the whole ear.

This might not be popular in modern times except for people who are exclusively looking for replicas of Viking jewelry for men and women.

Bead ornaments

These were unique pieces of jewelry that were mostly worn by wealthy Vikings. They were a symbol of affluence in the community.

Glass and amber were used to make and decorate the bead ornaments. It was a privilege to wear them at the time.

In modern times, they still hold the same significance but you can find them affordably in any retail store that sells Viking jewelry for men and women.

Finger rings

Finger rings were adjustable and mostly found in the gravesites. They are among the most popular forms of Viking jewelry for men in modern times.


Just like bead ornaments, armbands were worn by wealthy people in the Viking community.

It had an intricate design that befits the standards of the richest people in society.

Precious metals like gold, silver, and wire braid were used to make armbands.

Ancient Viking Jewelry

Jewelry played a significant role in the Viking culture.

Unlike in modern times where jewelry is used for fashion purposes, the Vikings had other social values that were attached to the jewelry.

In this culture, some pieces of jewelry were believed to have healing powers. Both men and women wore Viking jewelry and they held similar significance for both genders.

Well, a lot can be said about ancient Viking jewelry because the community valued their jewelry.

Frequently Asked Questions About Viking Jewelry

Whether you are buying Viking jewelry for men or women, you must have a few questions that you might want answering.

Here are sample questions to get you started:

What is Viking jewelry made of?

Various metals and materials can be used to make Viking jewelry for men and women.

However, the most common in modern times are silver and bronze.

In the old days, gold was expensive, thus, Viking jewelry made of gold was reserved for wealthy Vikings.

In the modern era, you can access any Viking jewelry provided you can afford it.

What types of Viking jewelry for men are available?

When it comes to jewelry, men are specific. They want to know exactly what is reserved for them so that they don’t look feminine.

Luckily, there are various Viking jewelries for men. They include finger rings, armbands, earrings, and bracelets among others. The options are limitless.

You just need to decide on which one makes you happy.

What is unique about Viking jewelry?

Everything about the Vikings is unique. Viking jewelry has a cultural history that makes them valuable in modern times.
The symbols in these pieces of jewelry are also unique.

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How do you know the authenticity of Viking jewelry?

You will need to analyze the piece of jewelry to check its authenticity.
One of the most reliable forms of analyses is X-ray fluorescence analysis (XRF).
Alternatively, you can take it to a jewelry dealer to check its authenticity for you.
This means that you must buy from a seller that is willing to give you a quality warranty.

Are men’s and women’s jewelry different?

Yes, Viking jewelry for men is different from women’s. However, this doesn’t mean that you’re limited on what to wear.

Your overall outfit will help you to determine the kind of jewelry you will be wearing.

Are Viking symbols still there?

Yes, you will find jewelry with Viking symbols. Remember, the symbols played an important role in determining the worth and purpose of a piece of jewelry.

However, in modern times, the symbols are still there but do not have assigned worth and purpose. It is left upon the buyer to determine the purpose.

What is the price range of Viking jewelry for men?

The price range is open. You can just have to select the right piece of jewelry that is within your price range.

It is also possible to negotiate if you feel the price is too high. However, don’t always visit stores with the cheapest Viking jewelry for they might be fake.

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