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• August 8, 2019

Due to archeological excavations, archeologists were able to find the Viking jewelry from the remains.

The authentic Viking jewelry had different symbols and many of the symbols that were engraved on the jewelry have become the inspiration for the modern Viking jewelry such as Viking rings, Thor’s hammer bracelet, Viking arm rings and Thor’s hammer pendant.

The Valknut symbol and the Thor’s hammer are two of the most famous symbols of the Viking religion.

In German language, Valknut means, ‘the knot of the fallen’. This symbol signifies the strong belief of the Norse in the god, Odin.

The symbol of Valknut is the most widely discussed yet enigmatic of all the symbols relating to Norse mythology.

This symbol comprises of three inter-locked triangles.

According to the archeologists, this symbol was found on the tapestries and stones that date back to the Viking age.

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The Valknut symbol was of Odin, the god father of all the gods, of Asgard.

In Norse mythology, he was the chief god of all the gods in Asgard, a holy place where all the gods lived.

Odin, in Norse mythology is the god who receives the dead warriors to be taken to Valhalla.

This symbol was created by god Odin, that is believed to accompany the deceased’s venture through a different world of Valhalla, where the dead warriors are also offered mead.

  It is a sign that embodies the afterworld of the warriors.

In Viking age, Vikings wore this symbol as the cult of Odin in their belief.

Along with the strong belief in Odin, Vikings used to wear Thor’s hammer pendants, which signify as the cult of Thor in their belief.

If the warriors accepted any battle, they were required to live and die as a warrior.

If they welcomed this life, they were supposed to worship Odin, the god of all gods.

Once they put their faith in Odin, they were taken to Valhalla, the afterworld of the warriors, where they lived and died as the brave Viking warriors of Odin.


The three inter-locked triangles symbolize the roots of Yggdrasil, pointing towards the nine worlds of the Asatru religion.

These three triangles gather the past, Urd, the present, Verdandi, and the future, Skuld of the warrior.

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Number 3 is a sacred number in Norse mythology and it points towards the important sacred events and figures in the nine worlds of the Asatru religion.

  • This sign symbolizes that the three gods, Odin, Vili and Ve, created the nine worlds with the body of Ymir, the giant.

  • The symbol signifies that the past, present and future creates the fate of all the beings.

  • The creator of the Valknut, Odin was the chief god of the third generation of Aesir gods.

  • This symbol signifies the three hardships endured by Odin to gain the knowledge of runes. They were, being stabbed with his spear, hunger and third, and hanging himself.

  • It also signifies that only the three sons of Odin survived Ragnar. They were Baldur, Hodr and Vidar.

Here at Valknut, we provide you with the authentic Valknut jewelry to signify your belief in Odin, the god of all gods.

The Viking jewelry items that we offer have the authentic symbol of Valknut (pointing upwards) engraved, to liberate your soul and to escape the law of cycles.

The authentic Viking jewelry creates a sense of liberation for US, modern Vikings, and connects US to the holy spirit of Odin.

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