Viking Mead Drinking And Drinking Horns

• July 18, 2019

Drinking horns are a significant part of Viking culture and belief.

Viking drinking horns signify the importance of rich culture of Viking mead drinking.

Viking jewelry such as the Viking rings, Viking bracelets and Viking arm rings are occasionally shaped as drinking horns to signify the importance of Viking mead drinking, to the modern-day Vikings.

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Viking carvings and artifacts signify that the Vikings used to drink mead from the drinking horn that they fashioned from the bull’s horn.
Mead drinking was an essential aspect in ancient Viking culture, and they held a strong belief that mead drinking from a drinking horn is a religious act.


Vikings considered mead as a sacred beverage, which connected them with the gods.

In Norse mythology, Odin, the god is said to have stolen the mead from a giant Suttungr, to gain knowledge and wisdom.

From this aspect, we can conclude that the mead was a sacred beverage, that was reserved only for gods or for the divine ones.

In Norse mythology, the mead was extracted from the blood of Kvasir, who possessed all the wisdom and knowledge about the gods, as well as the giants.

He was then killed by two dwarves, Fjalar and Galar and they stored his blood in a cauldron and later mixed it with honey to create the mead, a magical spell to gain all the wisdom of the world.

They were forced to hand over the potion to Giant Suttungr in compensation of his father’s murder.

Mead was also served to the fallen warriors who had sacrificed their lives, while fighting bravely in the battles.

They were first converted into Einherjar, by being taken to Valhalla by the Valkyries.

The Valkyries then served the mead to the fallen warriors in drinking horns and the drinking horns were filled continuously from the teats of a magical goat called, Heidrun.


Icelandic Viking sagas are filled with the consequences that arose when a Viking failed to serve the mead in a drinking horn, to his guests.
In Norse mythology, Mead was sipped from a drinking horn and then shared and passed around as a part of the rituals.

Mead drinking was necessary while hosting Norse ceremonies.

A single drop of mead was always left in the drinking horn at the end, to serve the gods.

Viking drinking horns were significant ritual objects in the Viking culture and customs.

They were not just meant to drink alcohol but, they were lavishly decorated vessels, to drink a pious potion, known as the mead.

When Vikings drink mead from a drinking horn, in their belief, they are reconnecting to the energy of ancient times and interacting with the spirit of Odin, the god.

Modern Vikings are very much inspired by the mead drinking and that too, in Viking drinking horns.


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