Viking Jewelry: What Jewelry Did The Vikings Wear?

• July 25, 2019


The ancient Vikings are considered as savages with beards, who were violent and caused destruction.

But, that is not what you can depict from the evidence found by the archeologists. Vikings were very vibrant people.

As depicted from the remains, carvings and the tapestries, they wore colorful clothes and Viking jewelry.

The archeological excavations tell us that, the Vikings were engaged in farming and agriculture in an active manner.

They also found remains of the jewelry, that were found from under the ground. They manufactured and fashioned Viking jewelry.

Due to the tapestries, remains and archeological findings, modern Vikings are able to wear authentic Viking jewelry.

The modern Viking professional craftsmen have the idea of how the authentic Viking jewelry looked like, in ancient times.

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The tapestries and carvings of the Vikings depicted that the Viking jewelry were worn by both men and women.

The mere purpose of wearing jewelry was not to decorate themselves but to indicate their spiritual beliefs and social statuses.

Viking jewelry was crafted beautifully.

Jewelry that modern Vikings wear such as Viking rings, Thor’s hammer bracelet, Viking bracelet, Viking arms rings and Thor’s hammer pendant are pretty similar to the Viking jewelry of that time.

The materials used to make jewelry ranged from gold to simple animal bones. Viking men and women wore brooches, necklaces, rings and arm rings to flaunt their wealth.

The poor crafted their jewelry from animal bones, bronze and pewter while, the rich used gold and silver to craft the jewelry.

The Vikings were not fond of wearing jewelry, until they explored other countries on expeditions and picked up the ideas from their cultures and art crafts.



For years, the archeologists had doubts on whether the hammer-shaped pendants that they found on their excavations resembled the Thor’s hammer or not.

It was not until the famous excavation in Kobelev, where they confirmed that the remains of the Viking pendants resembled Thor’s hammer, Mjolnir.

The pendant that they found in Kobelev had a runic inscription that read, “hmar x is”, which means, ‘This is Hammer’, when converted to our modern language.


A brooch is a decorative jewelry item to hold the clothes in place.

Archeologists have unearthed many Viking brooches during excavations.

The design of the brooches varied. Men and women used them to hold the cloaks and coats in place.

Some brooches that were excavated were made in Borre style, while others had a pin attached to them to hold the cloth ribbons.

Some brooches also had Odin, the god engraved on them with his two constant companions, Huginn and Muninn.

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Vikings also wore arm rings. They were basically rings to be worn, on the arms.

They were made of gold and silver. Ancient Vikings used them as their wallets.

It is interesting to know about the Viking arm ring as it is surrounded by many famous Norse legends.

It was depicted by the tapestries, that whenever the Vikings went to the market, they used to trade a little piece of the arm ring with whatever they had bought.


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